Annual Report 2010: Global Lessons Coming Home

Future Generations
Future Generations Graduate School
February, 2011

This 2010 Annual Report features five core lessons that Future Generations and the Future Generations Graduate School advanced during the last year:

  • Neighbors Teach Neighbors—Mentor and strengthen learning networks so neighbors, communities, and peers share good practices
  • Health Happens at Home—Mothers are the most important health care providers; Empower them with new practices and linkages to government health systems
  • Conservation is Everyone’s Job—Instead of setting land apart to protect it, make conservation a priority in everyday life, everywhere that people live
  • People Create Peace—Learn from communities that have maintained peace in the midst of conflict and expand these successes
  • Communities and Governments Connect—Build the skills of communities and governments to coordinate action and shape their futures through workplans


In 2010, these innovations were applied across Afghanistan, China, India, and
Peru and, with great excitement, expanded to our home of West Virginia. Students and alumni from 26 countries continue to apply lessons at home.

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